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Sefal Production S.r.l.

A company founded in 2000, Sefal is a reference point in the manufacturing sector of components for electric motors.

It is specialized in the production of terminal blocks and operates using high-tech production systems and equipment on the technological cutting edge.
All the terminal blocks are made in compliance with precise functional and safety requirements

The terminal blocks

  • The inserts, made by pressing or turning, have a truncated conical base with a crossed notch to avoid rotation or axial movement with consequent extraction from their seat in the terminal block.
  • The shape of the insert seat is designed to allow automatic wrenches to be used for tightening the nuts.
  • All the terminal blocks are perfectly interchangeable with those already available on the market; however, thanks to the option of the 15 mm high insert, they allow the functional and rapid “plug” test system to be used. The terminal blocks can be supplied with 12 and 15 mm high inserts according to request and requirements.
  • The terminal blocks for voltages ≤600V have been designed to avoid the rotation of the wire terminals in their seats (a consequence of the loosening of the nuts due to motor vibration) as enforced by the UL1004 “Electric Motors” standard. If the terminals come into contact with one another or with the walls of the terminal block they can cause a short circuit. The terminal blocks allow normal or pre-insulated wire terminals to be used.
  • Thanks to the new laser printing technology, the terminal block can be marked with the details of each individual customer.
  • Quick connector for terminal blocks

  • Terminal Blocks 50×50 8/9 inserts M4

  • Terminal Blocks 50×40 8/9 inserts M4

  • Terminal Blocks 44×42 8/9 inserts M4

  • Terminal Blocks 50×43 con 8 inserts M4

  • Terminal Blocks 40×25 3/4/5/6 inserts M4

  • Terminal Blocks 44×27 3/4/5/6 insertsM4

  • Terminal Blocks 50×32 3/4/5/6 inserts M4

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